Dissecting Kishtwar lies of Rahul Pandite

Writes Mr. Rahul Pandita on OpenTheMagazine (15th August 2013) “About ten days before violence broke out in Kishtwar, Jammu & Kashmir, a news item that appeared in a Valley publication reported the presence of suspicious masked men with weapons in this town and the adjoining Doda district who reportedly came knocking at the doors of Muslim houses during Ramzan and terrorised them. Though local police officers found these to be a hoax…. It came to naught.”

Mr Pandita hides the fact that it was not valley based newspapers but a prominent Jammu based newspaper (who is known to write against Kashmir and separatists) that first published the news of “After quake, ‘masked men’ create terror in Doda’ [Early Times 05/08/2013] (Kishtwar and Doda are different places with almost similar geographic and population mix). The paper clearly mentioned that people not only presented proof of these attacks but also had initiated own vigil in the absence of any police help.

So Mr. Pandita’s claim that the ‘masked men’ theory was started to spark Kishtwar violence falls flat, when this news came first from Poonch, weeks before the Kishtwar incident had even happened.  In fact similar reports had been received from Kathua,  Ramban and Udhampur Districts (where Hindu population is far greater than the Muslims population). What reason does Pandita give to such reports from Hindu dominated districts then?

Writes Pandita “On 7 August, two days before the riots in Kishtwar, the Valley-based separatist leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani claimed during a prayer meeting that Muslims in the state’s Jammu region were being threatened. He asked people to join protests against Village Defence Committees (VDCs).”

Pandita again hides the fact that it was not SAS Geelnai who called for disbanding the VDC but also many pro Delhi parties in Kashmir including Senior NC leader and MP Dr Mehboob Beg and PDP spokesman Nayeem Akhtar, when a minor Muslim girl had been gang raped by VDC members in Kishtwar. During the intervening night of 24th and 25th July, a minor muslim girl was abducted and gang-raped by four youth in Bhatkot village of Kishtwar. The four youth (of whom Ranjeet Singh and Sanjeet Kumar were later arrested) not only were affiliated with the notorious VDC’s but the VDC’s also prevented their arrests at gun point, forcing the aggrieved Muslims to protest.  Since Mr. Pandits does not consider raping Muslims a crime hence he chooses not to mention such crimes by Hindu VDC members against Muslims there as the sparks that ignited later incidents. In yet another incident on July 29, a 16-year old Shamim Ahmed was murdered by members of VDC’s (Village Defense Committee) at neighboring Doda. But even that crime and provocation is hidden by Pandita. What Mr Pandits specializes in is hiding the facts and presenting views to suit his saffron agenda.

“On the same day as Geelani’s exhortation, posters of Afzal Guru, hanged in February this year after being convicted in the December 2001 Parliament attack case, and militant leader Maqbool Butt, hanged in 1984 on charges of murder, appeared in Kishtwar with messages written in Urdu of ‘Jihad through holy war.’ Mr. Pandita often mentions his (unknown) ‘police sources’ in his statements. Why then did he miss the statement of Kishtwar police officials that “The allegations of pasting posters of Mohammad Afzal Guru and Maqbool Bhat in Kishtwar district by Muslims were also ruled out by the police.”We have not seen any posters pasted in the district. The allegations are completely false and baseless,” said a senior police official,  Pandita not only aims at hiding the facts here but also tries to misrepresent the truth to suit his own anti Muslim agenda.

Pandita weaves stories by saying “At about 9.30 am, a separate procession of around 1,000 people from the villages of Pushi, Hullar, Bandarna and Sangrambatta descended upon Kishtwar. These people were armed with guns and petrol canisters, and had Pakistani flags. As they passed through a Hindu locality called Kuleed, people in the procession started shouting anti-India and pro-Pakistan and pro-Aazadi slogans. The mob was confronted by Hindus who asked them to desist from such behaviour. In the meantime, those praying at the Chowgan ground also reached the spot.”

Now compare his statements with these reported facts A week before on July 29, a 16-year-old youth of neighbouring district Doda was killed allegedly by members of a Village Defence Committee (VDC). Prior to that a teenage girl of Kuntwara, Kishtwar, was kidnapped and raped by several influential persons allegedly backed and protected by the VDC. In several places in the erstwhile Doda district, particularly Kishtwar, VDC members had reportedly resorted to violence. Since June at many places in Doda-Kistwar region masked men were reportedly terrorising people and gangs roaming in the streets were reported to be pelting stones on houses during Ramadhan nights. Kishtwar police on August 1 had shot off a notice to the VDC members warning them “not to resort to unnecessary firing which can invite legal consequences for them.” “According to eyewitnesses, a procession of 500 persons from Hullar village was proceeding towards Chowgan prayer ground in Kishtwar town. “When we reached Kulland, a motorcyclist crashed through the procession,” said Omar Farooq, who was part of the procession. Farooq, who is a college lecturer, said, “The motorcyclist seemed to be under the influence of alcohol as he and the pillion rider were reeking of liquor. This infuriated the procession members and led to a scuffle between the two groups.” “Within moments people from the neighbourhood joined in and resorted to brick batting upon the procession. The riots had broken out.” (DailyPost.In Sunday 18th August 2013). Same reports have been corroborated by other media as well, among others India Today ‘The Kishtwar Cauldron’ 16th August, 2013, EuroAsiaReview ‘Kishtwar Riots and Surrender Before Divisive Forces’ 14th August, 2013.

Even the hate guru of Mr. Pandita, Praveen Swamy reports that From the accounts of local residents and police investigators, there’s little dispute about just what happened in Kishtwar that day. That morning, hundreds of worshippers marched through Kuldeed chowk, to join an Eid prayer gathering of over 20,000 people at the sprawling Chowgan maidaan. Varinder Kumar, a police officer assigned as a bodyguard to local Bharatiya Janata Party leader Sunil Sharma, was driving the other way. He pressed his horn once too often, trying to push past the crowd, and ended up being slapped around. Incencesed, Kumar rounded up some young Hindu friends from one corner of the neighbourhood, who began throwing stones at his attackers”

The local BJP leader that Pandita quotes to justify his report is the same person who has been accused of orchestrating these riots in the first place. In fact the same BJP leader Sunil Kumar has been evading arrest since 2008 in a rioting and murder case registered against him (FIR 133/2008). He is accused of involvement in a grenade blast in Kishtwar, which killed two Muslims in the area and incited further violence. Investigations had revealed that BJP leader Sunil Kumar landed in Kishtwar from his home village Hatta and organized the blast.   He has been known to evade arrest owing to his political clout and closeness to some officers and journalists. Neither does Rahul Pandita mention earlier cases against this BJP leader nor does he say anything about his involvement in the present riots. Some people rather believe that Rahul Pandita being close to this BJP leader, has also been instrumental in saving him from arrest in earlier terror, murder and rioting cases. Here too the cause of BJP comes first for Pandita than the fairness of his journalism.

Pandita says “While injured Muslims were treated at the district hospital, injured Hindus were taken to Army treatment facilities and hospitals elsewhere.” Not once does Pandita mention how VDC gangs did not allow ambulances in Muslim areas to take the critically injured for treatment, threatening to fire at the ambulances.In fact it has been reported that “(Hindu gangs) gathered around the ambulance and poured petrol over it and attempted to set it afire”

Mr. Pandita nowhere mentions how VDC members chased “Lassa son Amadu Khandey resident of Kijayae Padder was allegedly kidnapped by the rioters last night from police station Gulabgard, where he had reportedly taken shelter” and killed him infornt of the police. The police did not act against the Hindu VDC members.  Nor will Pandita mention how Hindu VDC rioters “slit the abdomen and head of Bashir Ahmed Mochi and then set him on fire”

There were reports that “Intelligence agencies have told the government that Bajrang Dal, an affiliate of Sangh Parivar, was involved in stoking communal violence in Kishtwar in Jammu and Kashmir. “ Later understandably the Union Home Secretary Anil Goswami (an old Kashmir hand) ““I don’t any have knowledge about such report. I have not received any such report till last evening,”. This was clearly seen as a move by the central government to diffuse the situation that would again bring Hindu communal elements to fore in Jammu and Kishtwar so that things cool down for the present. Otherwise not only were the earlier reports of Intelligence agencies citing the involvement of saffron terrorists in Kishwtar genuine, there had been earlier reports too suggesting that saffron extremists were planning to fuel sectarian conflict there.

Pandita does not mention how in Jammu “Top cop gave rioters free hand against Muslims, locals alleged”. 

Nor does Pandita mention how Hindu mobs indulged in arson and loot in Jammu against Muslims

Mr. Panditas personal hate for Muslims, especially Kashmiris always comes to the fore in his journalist profession, which he uses only to settle personal scores. Before asking others to explain, Pandita has a lot of explaining to do about his biased reporting and putting his Muslim hate before any truth. Such haters only cheer when Muslims are raped and killed. Shame on you.


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Village Defence Committees and Kishtwar Trail

VDCs constitutional or otherwise-a study
By Dr Javid Iqbal


(Kashmir Times 19th August, 2013)


Village Defence Committees (VDC)’s were primarily set-up to combat militancy by arming civilians so that the arms provided could be used to combat a militant attack, if and when it would occur. Of late these committees have faced criticism on the grounds of specific groups with ulterior motives of a particular community getting armed, wittingly or otherwise. It is alleged that these groups subscribe to an ideology not in conformity with the secular polity, hence fuel inter-communal tensions. Recently some criminal acts have been ascribed to VDC backed groups in Chenab Basin-rape of a minor girl and killing of 16 year old Shamim Ahmed, as per newspaper reports. There have been instances of nocturnal stone pelting by masked men terrorising a particular population group. This has had the effect of deepening the communal strife, with the law and order authorities unwilling or unable to react positively and contain the outfall of these unfortunate incidents, occurring with amazing regularity. Close on the heels of trouble erupting in Kishtwar on Eid Day, an event in Paddar, where a person was virtually picked up from a police station and brutally murdered has shaken the collective conscience of the society. The chronology of events in Kishtwar on Eid Day, as related by Sajad Kichloo-former MOS Home, too is quite revealing.

Kichloo alleges that while attending Eid prayers, he was informed by the Deputy Commissioner that the mob was heading towards Eidgah, expressing apprehensions that he might be the target. “As soon as I came out the gate of the Eidgah, the mob attacked our vehicles,” related Kichloo, adding, “But for my restraining orders and the efforts of the police and paramilitary forces, more than 400 people would have been killed.” Kichloo related that 25,000 people of one community and 15,000 people of other community were facing each other, with intensity quite high on either side, and alleged that State Secretary of political party was accompanied by his PSOs who opened fire in which one person was killed. Kichloo had called for a judicial probe in the clashes. Kichloo needs to substantiate his charge, as what is alleged is a serious matter. It assumes significance with initial official denials and later intelligence confirmations of political involvement, as reported in the media. As MOS Home, if he could be targeted as apprehended by the DC–the executive magistrate, hence the top law and order authority of the district, what could be the fate of common man-the Aam Admi?

There is another allegation that anti national slogans were raised, some say within Eidgah, some outside it, hence the mob reacted. It could be asked whether it was the job of law and order authorities to deal with the situation or that of the mob alleged to be led by state secretary of a political party. Or, it could be taken to mean that a particular political party has arrogated to itself the role of security agencies? If the chronology of events was indeed, what former MOS Home alleges it to be, we might be close to a situation where mobocracy, not democracy rules the roost. It could be asked-is the state withering away, with non-state actors coming to fore? However, as it stands encouraging non-state actors to come to fore has remained an official priority for long, providing them arms is the most unfortunate aspect of this ordeal over last two decades.

The experiment of carrying out extra-judicial activity, without the due consideration of process of law or combating a challenging situation within legally permissible limits has remained unfortunately the priority of the state, over the last two decades. The creation of an Ikhwan force out of surrendered militants was the earliest demonstration of providing state patronage to non-state actors. The experiment was provided full play in Kashmir valley. Many areas in Kashmir valley were terrorised by these groups with reports of extortion. The state patronage extended to the limit of providing entry to legislative chambers to some known Ikhwan commanders. Such an unfortunate turn of events hiked in post mid-nineties period as electoral process was initiated following a long spell of Governor Raj.

In Jammu province, the same process was repeated by an emboldened government by institutionalizing VDCs and providing official sanction to SPOs in the state. Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, Omar Abdullah, stated in the Legislative Assembly on 1 April 2013 that 26,567 persons were working with the VDCs to fight militancy in various districts of Jammu province. The strength of the SPOs working in the police department was placed at 25,474. Of these, 23,577 SPOs were working in different districts and the remaining 1897 were working in other wings/units of the police department. Further, the Government stated that 7030 SPOs were terminated from services in Jammu and Kashmir since 2009. Of these, 1,292 SPOs had been terminated from services in 2009, followed by 1,535 SPOs in 2010, 2,067 in 2011, 1,917 in 2012 and 219 in 2013. Human rights groups allege that government was forced to terminate the hired services, as reports of human rights violations and criminal acts multiplied.

In response to an RTI application the details provided by the government are quite scary, and hardly in keeping with the secular ideals the state propagates. VDCs/SPOs were found to be heavily slanted to the tune of 90 to 95% in favour of the community which forms a minority in population proportion in Kishtwar, Doda, and Ramban. If it has had the effect of creating a scare amongst the majority population groups and communalising the situation, it could hardly be called surprising. That too in a situation, where it is being alleged that arms have been provided to groups considered to be dangerously inclined ideologically. Intelligence reports over the years, one after another have provided inputs and pointed to the destabilization that their unhindered acts could result in. Vote bank preservation or attempts to sway the vote of fluid groups their own way has remained the priority, rather than the much propagated secular ideal of the state. And the attitude of law and order authorities has been found wanting by one enquiry after another, instituted whenever undercurrents of communal tension turn violent, occurrences unfortunately quite frequent.

‘Police Reform Bill’ circulated for public scrutiny by J&K Government carries two sections relating to VDCs and SPOs. Section 62 pertains to operationalising VDCs and section 63 to appointment of SPOs. In both sections, sanction of the government is mandatory; otherwise it remains within the jurisdiction of DG police to ascertain the need. In case of VDCs, the District SP may distribute arms or ammunition. In case of SPOs, the need remains the discretion of DG or an officer nominated by him. Pertinently what is proposed under section 62 and 63 may run counter to Supreme Court ruling in the case of Nandini Sundar and Ors. V/s State of Chhattisgarh. The Court ruled the appointment and arming of SPOs to be unconstitutional. The state’s contention that SPOs were merely guides and sources of intelligence for the fight against Naxalites, and firearms provided to them were only for their self-defence, was not accepted by the court as a valid plea. On a contrary note, the Court felt concerned about poor training and lack of both the legal and professional education necessary for their tasks. The vague nature of appointment of SPOs was held to violate the equal protection guarantee in Article 14 of the Constitution. Article 21, the right to life clause, was also hit, ruled the court. The observation implied that given their improper training amounts to placing them in danger.

India claiming to be world’s largest democracy has had to revert to Indian Police Act, 1861 of British Raj, which provided for appointment of SPOs- the result, was Model Police Act of 2006. State of Chhattisgarh brought its own 2007 Act. Section 22(2)(a) of Model Police Act prescribed training, followed by issuance of a certificate as mandatory for appointment as SPOs. No such requirement exists in the case of the J&K Police Reform Bill 2013. Ruling on Chhattisgarh Act, 2007, Hon’ble Court observed– the blatant vagueness of the law stood in sharp contrast to the Indian Police Act, 1861. Despite being a colonial law, beset with its own problems, the Act nonetheless contains certain safeguards. It requires, for instance, the appointment of SPOs to receive approval from a magistrate. The Chhattisgarh Police act obviously did not provide for such an approval, nor does the proposed J&K 2013.

In the landmark judgment, appointment of SPOs was struck down, as the consequence of observations of the court and State of Chhattisgarh was asked to “immediately cease and desist from using [them] in any manner or form.” The Court criticised the Union’s hands-off policy on SPOs, which involved funding the project but not follow through on how precisely these forces were functioning. Vis-à-vis the VDCs, the ruling of Supreme Court may hold much more stringently than in case of SPOs, as they do not have even the semblance of rudimentary training that SPO’s have.

Recent events in Chenab Basin, particularly in Kishtwar point virtually to institutionalization of crime, whatever the earlier justification of VDCs and SPOs might have been. The events call for a roll back-earlier, the better of the measure that might be an ultra vires of the constitution?




Once again, Rahul Pandita and his lies

A recent rant filled column in TheOpenMagazine by Rahul Pandita again sticks to his old tricks of lies and devious propaganda on Kashmir.

He starts with the Ramban story where he modifies the truth as per own convenience. According to him “Word of the Quran’s desecration at a local madrassa spread quickly, and a large crowd assembled outside the camp of the Border Security Force (BSF). Local police forces rushed there too. In the ensuing chaos, the BSF troops opened fire. Four protestors died while dozens were injured. Two more local protestors later succumbed to their injuries.”

 Analyse his lies from these facts now; The Quran desecration was reported at 9.30 pm on 18 July when BSF men barged into the Muslim seminary at Gool and started ransacking it, attacking caretaker Abdul Latif who was alone there. Soon his cries were heard by a passing truck driver, who was threatened by BSF as he came close to help Latif. The driver sped to the railway project nearby, where he was working, and told workers about this incident. Soon these workers and locals rushed to the seminary and the BSF men sensing trouble fled the spot. As soon as people saw copies of the Quran desecrated across the floor, protests started. Watching the growing demonstrations from the distance of their camps, some BSF officers rushed to the seminary to offer a compromise. While villagers kept demanding police action, BSF officials returned to the camp. During the night itself DC Ramban, Shyam Vinod Meena and Superintendent of Police (SP) Javed Iqbal Mattoo had assured action against the culprits. In the morning a crowd gathered outside the BSF camp to protest the sacrilege. DC Ramban accompanied by the SP was also present there. While some youngsters started pelting stones, a well known Professor of this area Manzoor Ahmad Shan was trying to pacify the protestors when a burst fire from the BSF camp hit him in the head killing him on the spot. Soon after that more shots were fired from the camp killing three more and injuring more than forty.

Rahul Pandita’s contention “madrassa spread quickly, and a large crowd assembled outside the camp of the Border Security Force (BSF).” does not mention anywhere that the desecration happened the previous evening and that BSF and police officials were already in the know of things.

 In another paragraph “But such sordid stunts, as the learned in Kashmir tell you, are not always pulled for gains as petty as freedom to pop Spasmo-Proxymon capsules. Such trouble, they say, also marks a shift in the separatist strategy to keep the state on edge. The game is to ensure that any incident can be tweaked to draw slogan-shouters and stone-pelters onto the streets against the Indian State.”  Here he is clearly trying to imply that the Ramban incident was a ‘sordid stunt’ planted by as a part of ‘separatist strategy to keep the state on edge’. Mr. Pandita should also let us know how are BSF, those accused of desecration and killing civilians in Gool, are hand in glove with separatists that they provide them such ‘sordid stunts’?

 Further he claims “Just a few days before the Ramban incident, I am in Nowhatta, the epicentre of protests in downtown Srinagar. It’s Sunday, but there is going to be no respite. In one corner, a few nervous jawans of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) are preparing for a showdown. A little ahead, outside the Jama Masjid, hundreds of youngsters are gathering at various points. At one place, a local baker is supplying logs of wood from his stock to enable the young men to block the main road. Some of them are urging a few shopkeepers whose outlets are open to draw down their shutters. What has everyone enraged is the death of a Srinagar boy in Mumbai.”

 I personally visited Nowhatta yesterday to ascertain the facts. Found that on July 14th, Sunday, many shops in Nowhatta stop were open and running till almost 2:00 PM, which debunks his ‘visited morning story’. The usual confrontation point in Nowhatta is the Gojwara chowk or much ahead the Rajouri Kadal chowk. At the Gojwara chowk there are scattered two bakers in the interior lanes and near the Rajouri Kadal chowk there are three. I contacted all five of them about Rahul Pandita’s “local baker is supplying logs of wood from his stock to enable the young men to block the main road” All of them vehemently denied this story, pointing to the fact that there is a close watch of J&K Police on all the shopkeepers here and it would be impossible for these bakers to give away logs of wood without the police coming after these shopkeepers and shutting them down. Another point that negates the lies of Rahul Pandita are the fact that none of these bakers store their wood out in the open, lest it get wet and unusable with rains or moisture. Also the size of Kashmiri baker’s tandoor is such that this wood has to be chopped into very small pieces so that they can accommodate into a tandoor spot where only single hand can reach. And this small size of chopped logs would hardly be able to block roads by protestors.

“We are there to meet two veteran stone-pelters of this area. The local journalist asks us to walk a little ahead while he establishes contact with the two.”  Have been given to understand in Downtown that given Mr. Rahul Pandita’s reputation in Srinagar of having close liaison with police officials and his association with a local boy from Khwaja Bazaar, who is rumored to have got many Downtown youth arrested, no protestor (especially the claimed ‘veteran stone-pelters’ would risk meeting him). Guess that reputation has been well earned by him for all the lies he has been weaving against Kashmir.

Further he claims “Later it turns out that Parvez Ahmed Teli was killed after he had stepped out to buy cigarettes and was hit by a local train. “He was sent [to Mumbai] from here by his parents because he was a drug addict,” a police officer in Srinagar tells me.”

Fact is that Parvaiz Ahmed Teli of Nawabazar, Srinagar had left for Goa (via Mumbai and not to Mumbai) on July 2nd. He had already been working as a salesman in Bangalore for the past eight years, so the claim of Pandita that “Parvez was sent away by his family as he was a drug addict” is not only malicious but a cheap attempt at character assassination. Parvaiz’s family has alleged that there were torture marks on Parvaiz’s body, displaying photographs about the same. But Mr Pandita has chosen to ignore this fact only in order to extend his fabrications. On his way to Goa by bus from Mumbai, Parveiz had gone to fetch cigarettes near the bus station but his body was later found near the Boriwali Railway Station, a fact that Mr. Pandita also ignores. Parvaiz’s death is a continuation of scores of such incidents where Kashmiris have been killed in India over years, On 7 December, 1992, Farhat from Islamabad and Javaid from Ratnipora Pulwama were stabbed to death by Hindu extremists, while they were coming home from Aligarh Muslim University in Faizabad express, and thrown out of the moving train. Both deaths come to light days after these murders. Noted Kashmiri artist Ghulam Nabi Sheikh was killed by the Punjab police in the intervening night of July 13, 2003 and then hastily cremated to erase all proof of murder. There are many other cases like these where deaths of Kashmiris in India point to more than natural reasons.

And then Mr. Pandita spins off the Ramban story via Nowhatta to Hizbul Mujahedeen, LeT, the Hyderpora attack and conspiracies of ISI. All these incidents are totally unrelated, Ramban being a case of Indian forces firing on unarmed protestors and the Nawabazar youth story being about insecurities faced by Kashmiris in India, but Mr. Pandita keeps on weaving webs from unconnected points.

Not only have Rahul Pandita’s theories become boring but they have an uncanny resemblance to one Praveen Swami’s earlier theories like the ‘Paanch Thaana theory’ for Kashmir or the ‘Mecca Masjid blasts theory’ for Hyderabad. Mr. Pandita has become apt at selling lies for furthering his career, but lies don’t stand ground for long.

Like I always say, there is no cure for hate.

The Hate, Propaganda and Lies of Kashmiri Pandit brigade.

(This is a longish post, keep patience.  Sorry could not help it)


We were always fed with tales of harmony and mutual respect between communities in Kashmir and even during the peak of turmoil in Kashmir many minority community families who chose to stay back were protected by their Muslim neighbors. Having interacted with many Pandits over these years and watching their behavior on social networks and media, the hate and contempt of these Pandits against Kashmiri Muslims has become more than ever evident. Not only have they been busy for decades in weaving malicious propaganda and lies against Kashmiri Muslims, they have been using the Islamophobia card and their ‘migrant victim’ portrayal effectively to push for an anti Kashmir Muslim sentiment across the world.

Sample a few glimpses of prominent Pandit voices on social media.


khar2Justifying military oppression in Kashmir and labeling all Kashmiri Muslims as ‘barbarians’, just because Pandits have themselves never been subject of such military oppression.




“Naxalism & Kashmir have only military solutions” means kill the resolution seeking at both places and walk over. But he won’t tell you how India treats Naxals as ‘own people’ refusing to apply AFSPA or use military there, while Kashmiri Muslims are treated as ideal fodder for the AFSPA cannon.





Such love for ‘Muslims’




More love for ‘Muslims’





Abusing everything Islamic, from Azaan to the Holy Prophet (PBUH). And you call them educated and peaceful Pandits.





The Mosque and shrine that this learned Pandit is referring to is of Syed Hassan Mantaqi (RA) located many hundred meters from these ruins and is centuries old itself. The state govt website lists it as a historical monument and shrine of Pulwama district. Located on the national highway, thousands of Muslims and non Muslims have been paying obeisance at this shrine for centuries. And if Babri Masjid was not enough for saffron terrorists, now this enlightened Pandit wants to see the same done to this shrine and mosque. So much hate for Islam.






 Those killed in Gool, Ramban ‘were terrorists’ and KP’s are upset about the government announcing inquiry into the incident and ex-gratia for those killed. The ex-gratia offer was in any case rejected by the victims of Gool killings. As per these KP’s, Muslims in J&K seem to have no right of religion, dignity or right to life.





a1Another enlightened Pandit here suggests that ‘Ramban’ killings ‘were done by Jihadists’ to ‘spread tentacles in Jammu’. Is he listing Indian BSF as Jihadists here?






Yet another enlightened Pandit modifies the news context about Ramban killings. Note that while his news link says ‘BSF fired at protestors outside the camp in Gool’, the enlightened Pandit claims ‘Protestors stormed the camp…..tried to force their way into the arms & ammunition store’






More lies and Face Book rumor mongering. Contrary to KP rumor mongering, initial probe had clearly found that Constable Ramhari of the BSF suffered a bullet injury from BSF fire only when he was returning to the BSF camp.




Demeaning Lies from KP’s


While these enlightened Pandits have not been able to prove a single rape claim against Pandit women in Kashmir, they always hide the fact that rape has been used a weapon of war by Indian forces against Muslims in Kashmir. HRW report on ‘Rape in Kashmir. A crime of War’

A United Nations report in 1992 cited that the Indian security forces allegedly gang raped 882 women. Moreover a 2005 study by Médecins Sans Frontières found that
that “11.6 percent of interviewees said they had been victims of sexual violence since 1989″
and that “one in seven had witnessed rape. [A long struggle Against Systemic Rape in Kashmir]. Another report points out about 7000 Kashmiri women have been raped by Indian troops in Kashmir. Clearly for these enlightened Pandits, Muslim women in Kashmir are no humans and rape against them is no crime.





Mocking the gang rape of two villages by Indian army, these Pandits feel no shame in peddling lies. While there are multiple reports authenticating the veracity of Kunan Poshpora gang rapes and local courts have already taken up this case again, such lies by these KP’s only exposes their intent and mindset against Kashmiri women.





Respect they feel for Muslim women ‘There is Nathing like educated & independent women in Islam’. Pandit Ji get you spellings, grammar and facts correct and then we shall talk about education.


Lies, Lies and more Lies


Mr. Pandita claims 700 Pandits were killed, and when asked about details, he refers to KPSS, Sanjay Tickoo >



And this is what KPSS, Sanjay Tickoo had to say, not 700 but 399 Pandits had been killed. Blatant lies by Rahul Pandita on the number of killed, as if human lives had just a propaganda value. The government still maintains that only 219 Pandits had been killed in two decades of conflict in Kashmir.





This enlightened Pandit claims ‘Bitta Karate killed 40 Kashmiri Pandits’

r10While this learned Pandits says ‘Bitta Karate killed 22 Kashmiri Pandits’. Clearly their propaganda factory can’t even get to agree on any figures here. Paradoxically Bitta Karate was exonerated by the Indian Supreme Court of all these charges, the same Supreme Court that awarded death sentence to Afazl Guru, even when they accepted that there was no proof of Afzals involvement in the Parliament attack. If Pandits wholeheartedly welcomed Indian Supreme Court on Afzal Guru, why are they in denial of same Supreme Court in the Bitta Karate case? Acceptance of truth surely does not suit their propaganda and anti Kashmiri Muslim program.




Mr Pandita claims that (on the night of 19th January 1990) ‘500,000 people were on the roads chanting Nizam-e-Mustafa’. He will not tell you that in 1990 the total number of adults living in the whole of Srinagar was not even 500,000 and that for weeks starting 17th January, 1990 Kashmir was under unprecedented curfews. Leave alone 500,000 not even 5 Kashmiris could make it out of their homes under such curfew. The first breaking of curfew happened on the morning of January 21st, 1990 when protestors came out of their homes after they had been brutally beaten, women molested by Indian forces during the intervening night of 20th January – 21st January 1990. What followed these protests was the infamous GawKadal massacre by Indian forces, where almost 65 Kashmiri were killed and hundreds were wounded. Clearly his ‘500,000’ imagination is ideal for the propaganda mill.




r13Mr. Pandita claims Geelani Tweeted this.


But Syed Ali Shah Geelani is not even on Twitter.

What are you smoking Mr. Pandita, propaganda pot?


Rumor mongering by KP’s to create a fear psychosis during the Yatra, disrupt it and to malign Muslims. Why did he not provide a link to this claim? The only protests that happened at Baltal this year were on 5th July when Indian CRPF attacked a Kashmir driver who was accompanying Yatirs, and injured him critically. Since the news of CRPF thrashing locals who are serving the Yatris, is not good news for KP propaganda, hence they hide this.


There can be no more blatant lie than this. Never has the shrine been attacked nor has this incident been recorded in Kashmir. On the contrary Muslims have always helped Pandits perfume Pujas here. This claim not only intends to malign local Kashmiris who have always been part of the Shrine activities, but fits perfectly in the KP propaganda mill.

tarun vijay1And how BJP fabricates lies against Kashmiris. This issue was about an inter faith marriage between a Buddhist girl and a Zanskar Muslim boy at Zanskar. According to police ‘the girl admitted that she willingly came with the Muslim boy to Srinagar and no one forced her for this purpose.’ According to the same reports, soon after this, Buddhists marked towards Police Station Padum, attacked it by pelting stones on policemen and set two police vehicles on fire. They also attacked Muslim homes there while police did not retaliate much.  But Mr Tarun Vijay will plant his lies only to flame more anti Mulsim hate. An inter faith marriage that would have been treated in India as a rights of two adults and portrayed as ‘progressive secularism’ is painted different for J&K. Ironically same Tarun Vijay was not only known to have been involved in illicit relationships with Muslim women in Bhopal, there were revelations against him in the Shehla Masood murder case too. His political power is rumored to have wriggled him out of this case. So much for his truth and morality.

‘The originals’ theory



“We remain the originals” and “Twain shall never meet” meaning that Kashmiri Pandits shall have exclusive rights in Kashmir, Muslims will be removed.


“anceters were from different region & clan … That makes them outsiders in #kashmir no?”

By that logic since Duranis in Kashmir came from Afghanistan during the Afghan rule of Kashmir, Mr. Pawan Durani is himself an outsider here. In fact the Afgahn rule of Duranis in Kashmir (1752 to 1819 AD) is considered the darkest period in the history of Kashmir before the Dogra rule. And not only does Pawan Durani lose his claim on ‘being original Kashmiri’, if there were a rule of prosecuting progeny for the crimes of ancestors, he could be a fit case to stand trial for crimes against Kashmiris (BTW Mr Pawan it is ‘ancestors’ and not ‘anceters’). Interestingly Darzi’s are original inhabitants of Kashmir, unlike the Duranis.

r9‘Bharadwaj gotra’ (hindu family origins) never belonged to Kashmir but came from Indian. By the logic that KP’s apply on ‘aborigine Kashmiris’ even Mr Rahul Pandita is not a real Kashmiri.


“just ask them (Kashmiri Muslims) about their ancestry” On one hand the enlightened Pandit advocates ‘Kashmir only for original Kashmiris’ and on the other hand accepts that Kashmiri Muslims (whom he labels ‘Tweet Pelters’) belong to the same ancestry as Pandits in Kashmir. This paradoxical dilemma in Kashmiri is called ‘na aab’e pyeth ti na aab’e tael’.


Some glimpses of what Pandits want.



“Loud and clear! Gives us a few years” says Mr Pandita referring to how Kashmiri Muslims are being killed and how within a few years the demography of Muslims in Kashmir will have changed (by cleansing them with rampant killings by Indian Armed forces)


Most of the KP’s advocate changing the demography in Kashmir by making the Muslims a minority in their own land


This demographic change vision is also being pursued by Indians at the top levels. Check what the editor of Hindustan Times preaches for changing the demography of Kashmir and making the Muslims there a minority. And the same policy is being actually pursued by the Indian government. Somebody tell the learned Abhijit Majumdar that laws allowing only locals to buy land in their native places are also applicable to the states of North East and Himachal Pradesh in India. But Kashmir being the thorn in their eye, they will never speak of revoking these laws from other states in India. And these learned Indians don’t know that the ‘state subject act’ was not implemented by India in Kashmir but by the erstwhile Dogra Hindu Maharaja in 1927 and the same act is applicable in Pakistan Administered Kashmir too.

p9Note that the ‘Panun Kashmir’ that Kashmiri Pandits are calling for (white area in above pic) covers all the fertile areas of Kashmir where Muslims have been living for centuries, from Anantnag district in the south to Kupwara in the north. The idea behind ‘Panun Kashmir’ is the return to the feudal structure of monarchy days where Pandits had control over all fertile lands and Muslims were forced to work as laborers here. This ‘Panun Kashmir’ envisions dispossessing all Kashmiri Muslims of their lands and allowing the 3 lac odd Pandits to take over all their land and rights. Such forceful dispossession is what we have seen already happen to the Palestinians by Israel.

Some idiotic (and hilarious) claims by KP’s


Learned Pandit claims ‘As-salamu alaykum’ has been used in Kashmir for the last 25 years only and because of a ‘Jihadist Mindset’. (I cant stop laughing)

mk6Mr. Kher is labeling the deed of Pandit Bribal Dhar on Iqbal’s father, purely for propaganda purposes. Fact is Pandit Birbal Dhar, a senior revenue officer under the Afghan Governor Azim Khan in 1819 was found to have embezzled more than a hundred thousand from revenue collections. When his crime came to the governor’s knowledge, Birbal Dhar fled Kashmir and approached the Sikh Maharaja at Lahore convincing them to attack Kashmir. The Sikhs attacked, killed 30,000 Kashmiri Muslims and Pandit Birbal Dhar not only retained his power but hugely gained on his feudal possessions.

kamal hak1“If you switch between Allah Hafiz and Khuda Hafiz, you are a terrorist”, so claims this learned Pandit. Interestingly both these greetings are from Urdu and not from Arabic. It is a matter of pure convenience of what we wish to greet with, where does “self explanatory story of a mind set seizing a section in #Kashmir” come in? Next this learned Pandit will point to the duration of our sneeze, to differentiate between the ‘jihadi’ sneeze and the ‘non jihadi sneeze’.

khar4Learned Pandit weaving fiction galore and you can only laugh out loud on his lies. The best schools in Kashmir, the Missionary schools have always continued their Christian prayer in the morning assemblies while other leading schools have their decades old routine. And “even 5 year olds have to cover head for fear lest someone might lose himself or a mullah might order a fatwa” which world are you living in Pandit jee? Kashmiris have their rights and little girls don’t need your propaganda to learn social etiquettes. And what is this about “someone might lose himself”? Is this your call for rapes, an epidemic that has ruptured India more than any place? How low can your mind stoop that you won’t even spare 5 year old kids from such propaganda?


bookRahul Pandita’s cheap marketing attempts for his book were deflated by renowned journalist Shujaat Bukhari. Interestingly most Kashmiris who read the book and have lived the 1990’s, termed this book pure propaganda and full of hateful lies. A book based on needs lies to be advertised.  Some reviews of his book are here and some more here

a3And this claim by a learned Pandit takes the cake “Jagmohan was fondly called JagWatul (sweeper) because he personally supervised drains cleaning” (Hey bhagwaan ! )


In spite of so much lies, propaganda of Kashmiri Pandits and their anti Muslim hate, Kashmiri Muslims have been welcoming them always with open arms. But for how long can we be at peace with people who not only malign us with their shameless propaganda but also advocate denial of rights and our extermination openly?




The Politics of Tourism Over Religious Rights


“Sokhtam Chandaun Ki Bartan Nesiat Degar Jaie Daag .
Baidazien Khawhum Nihadin Daag Bar Balaie Daag”

(Hazrat Shiekh Hamza RA)


The Makhdoom Sahib Cable Car project is in its final stages, after having missed various deadlines. Having been approved in 2010 and projected to be completed in 18 months, the ropeway was claimed to ease devotee transportation to the shrine.

Hazrat Sheikh Hamzah Makhdoomi (Makhdoom Sahib RA) is considered the patron saint of Kashmir and widely revered across the valley. This shrine built on the southern side of Kohimaran Hill in Srinagar, overlooks the major part of the city and local belief has it that Makhdoom Sahib from here oversees the affairs of Kashmir.

The reverence of Makhdoom Sahib is universal as devotees from all religions in Kashmir have been thronging this shrine for centuries. The shrine, a centre of spirituality for majority of Kashmiris, is a marvel of Kashmiri – Mughal architectural style. Since the Shrine itself is on an elevation, the faithful in Kashmir have always believed in the penance of walking all the steps uphill towards the shrine. As if by spiritual effort, these steps seem to have energized a whole lot of devotees over centuries, towards this spiritual place.


Now that the government has put in place a ropeway to the shrine, the execution of the said project has raised more questions about the real intent of these politicians. While the local MLA had been pushing this project citing ‘devotee convenience’, a cursory look at the project itself belies these claims. The start base of this project has been constructed on Auqaf land, so far so good, but part of the land made for this base station has been made available after desecrating many graves and demolishing part of ‘Malkhah’ the main cemetery in Srinagar. While the Auqaf may be the custodian of Muslim properties in Kashmir, and the caretaker of ‘Malkhah’, it does not have any ownership of this graveyard, nor can it desecrate the dead and erase their graves for a cable car (see pic).



(On the immediate right hand where the present path has been constructed and towards the far right, where the genset is placed and the new roof is being placed, existed graves, that are no longer present there)


Not only has the project erased many graves, removing traces of the dead with tiles work and office structure on the top, it has also desecrated the very basis of this funeral place. Islam is clear on ‘Buildings or other forms of structures are not allowed on top of the grave’ and while the local MLA Mr. Ali Mohammad Sagar claims to be an ardent believer of Islam, showing his presence at all these shrines, he seems to have deliberately overstepped his rights here. By being the mind behind this cable car project he is the one primarily responsible for the desecration of these graves in the first place.  Not only have the graves been erased and desecrated to build a tourist facility here, even the entrance to the main cemetery ‘Malkahah’, from where people carry the dead for burial, has been converted into a ticketing window for the cable car (see pic).  Since this cable car window (being the origination station) is expected to draw huge crowds, in effect means that this approach towards the graveyard shall not be available for its primary use, that of allowing funeral mourners to carry the dead for burials. Such interference and desecration can only point to the arrogance and indifference of these politicians who push these projects only for constituency appeasement and personal gains.



(Entrance to the graveyard that shall be blocked by the ticket window to the cable car)


Not only has the base station been built in utter violations of religious sentiments and burial rights of Muslims, even the cable car station near the shrine has been ill-conceived. The cable car station near the shrine has been precariously perched close to the main entrance of the shrine structure, where the approach path had already been facing a bottleneck even during moderate devotee hours. With the cable car ensuring that devotees and more tourists throng this place, queues of cable car passengers waiting for the return trip are likely to accumulate near this cable car station, right at the door step of the shrine. This will effectively not only hamper the movement of devotees who will have walked the arduous journey over hundreds of steps to the shrine, it may as well block the entrance for them. Such placement of the cable car station is not only going to create chaotic situations near the shrine entrance, it will effectively create hurdles in movement of thousands of devotees who for decades have been walking to this shrine in spiritual beliefs. Such ill planning of the cable car also violates the rights of these devotees in being allowed unhindered access to the shrine.


Did the local MLA and the state government not keep these things in consideration while developing the project? Is tourism above and over the religious and burial rights of Kashmiri Muslims? The Auqaf Trust having been run by the National Conference as a family enterprise for decades, it is no surprise that they have been part of this desecration and ill planning. And the local MLA, who without any religious mandate has been forcing his will and interfering in most of the spiritual places in Srinagar, would do good to limit himself to politics only. By desecrating the dead and using our shrines as political pulpits, they are indulging in religious robbery and we by keeping silent for their deeds are part of these sins.


Arson or fire?


Day Ist of Ramadan and all Satans are supposed to be locked, all evil to be thrown away. Maybe that is why important offices at Secretariat at Kashmir were burnt on the very first day of this morning.  This double storied building in the premises of civil secretariat housed many administrative offices like Technical Education, Higher Education, accounts and treasuries.  Reportedly much of the records there have been destroyed and with it will have been destroyed many kaarname of these officials.

Interestingly government of India had been expressing displeasure with J&K government for non submission of funds utilisation certificates. With this fire all record of funds utilisation and financial audit for these departments has been burnt to ashes. Now there will be no records of utilisation of thousands of crores. Think about it, who benefits from all this?

Kashmiris will remember how on one Eid the offices of Chief Engineer Power Development Department (PDD) and Crime Branch were gutted in mysterious flames near Jahangir Chowk. The government had been quick to blame Mirwaiz & Yasin Malik for this fire but could not explain why no footage was ever shown from the many of the CCTV’s at Jahangir Chowk and near Secretariat which is opposite these offices.  There were no answers from the government about the 24 x 7 security at these offices and the impenetrable walls around these offices which stood at more than 9 feet height. With so much security, CCTV cameras and security layers, how was it possible to start arson in these offices from outside?

Just days before the fire at PDD offices civil society had been raising the issue of political nexus in giving power projects to NHPC for peanuts. Also at almost the same time a book ‘The Meadow’ had come out with startling revelations about the Al faran kidnapping where the Crime Branch had also been mentioned.


(how could people from outside this office start the fire inside?)

Kuchh tou hai jiss ki parrda daari hai